New to Flagship

Welcome! We love helping people start this extraordinary health and fitness journey. Not only do people dramatically improve their fitness level very quickly at Flagship, they have a total blast doing it!

In order to integrate people into our great fitness community we have a smooth welcoming process for new members:

1. Optional Free Class

A free class will give you a taste of Flagship and our training program. It is appropriate for beginners and you don’t need to “get in shape” to attend a free class, as we’ve scaled it to be friendly and accessible for any fitness level. You can register for a class here, then simply show up. We have full athlete lounge, showers and towel service.

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2. Sign Up for Membership

We’re offering a special deal for new members: sign up now and your first month of Unlimited Membership is just $199.

Just like with any of our Unlimited Memberships, Fundamentals is included. There’s no extra charge for towels, or specific classes, and all memberships include access to both locations, with over 150 classes available each week.

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New Flagship members, who are beginners, generally start with the One Month Unlimited Membership packaged with our Fundamentals course included for no additional charge.

The cost of a no contract one month unlimited membership is $300. After the first month or so, members generally switch to one of our contracts with $250 per month being the most popular level.

You will need to start with Fundamentals Class 1 which is offered on Mondays. So let us know the date you would like to start and we will get you signed up!

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3. Complete the Fundamentals Program

Our Fundamentals Program is a 4 class course which teaches the basics of human movement and builds upon that to teach proper technique for the various types of training we incorporate in our WODs (Workout of the Day) including weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, gymnastics, rowing and running in a fun, friendly and safe environment.

Flagship has an extremely high coaching standard and is very focused on ensuring athletes are learning and training with proper positioning and technique. This not only minimizes injury, it makes the training much more fun and effective once the technique is learned.

The four Fundamentals classes are offered at both locations and must be taken in order. You are welcome to repeat or revisit any Fundamentals class for as long as you’d like.

Downtown Location (250 Montgomery Street)

The classes are offered at both 7:30 am and 5:30 pm:

  • Class 1 Monday
  • Class 2 Tuesday
  • Class 3 Wednesday
  • Class 4 Thursday

Upper Market Location (160 Church Street)

The classes are offered at 6 pm:

  • Class 1 Monday
  • Class 2 Tuesday
  • Class 3 Wednesday
  • Class 4 Thursday

For people who absolutely cannot make all or some of those times work we are able to set up custom times, just contact us to discuss the specific circumstances.

There’s no additional charge for Fundamentals – it’s included in your monthly membership.

4. Join our WODs!

Once you have completed all four fundamentals classes and the Fundamentals Class 4 coach has cleared you, you are ready to join our Performance, Conditioning, and other classes!

Our classes are completely scalable for anyone from the deconditioned beginner to the elite athlete, and are just as welcoming as our Fundamentals classes, with attentive, caring, and talented coaches to ensure you join in at the proper pace for your specific skill and fitness level.

To get started call or email us now and we will get you started on this amazing health and fitness journey!

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